A sight for sore eyes

Why, how, and what we do exactly

Have A Look was established to solve the constant, daily challenge for people with refractive errors – in a manner that is easy, fun, affordable, and appealing to everyone. Rooted in the Danish design tradition of combining functionalism and aesthetics, eyewear from Have A Look will improve the quality of life while standing out. We invite you to choose from a sophisticated colour palette and a wide variety of frames designed to match any occasion, facial shape, and individual style.

At Have A Look, we believe in equal access to indispensable eyewear. Comfortable, resilient, and functionally impeccable, non-prescription glasses should also be affordable and easily accessible through global online purchase and retailers worldwide. Your eyewear from Have A Look is simply stunningly attractive – to the eyes and wallet alike. A guaranteed sight for sore eyes.

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In your face

How we see sustainability and social responsibility

There is no way to hide your glasses. They are literally in your face. The first thing anyone will notice about you – and the first thing you’ll notice about someone else. Have A Look has made sure that you can always wear your readers or sunglasses with pride.

We wish to make a big impression – but leave behind only the smallest of carbon footprints. We are committed to implementing sustainability measures to the largest possible extent. That’s why frames are all produced from biopolymers, based on natural castor oil. Complimentary, soft felt cases are made from recycled plastic bottles.

We cherish diversity in every sense of the word. Embracing a heterogenous selection of eyewear, we are always eager to learn from team members, suppliers, and business relations across age, gender, and cultural background. Locally and globally, we believe in the importance of social responsibility. 

For further information about our approach to sustainability and social responsibility, please visit Sustainability and CSR.

See to it

Why we made this our business

Founder and lead designer, Christina Kattrup Schrøder, is a woman of many talents. Working for decades as a branding and communications specialist, Christina was dedicated to ensuring the success of established lifestyle and designer brands in Denmark. As a true Scandi of impeccable taste, she always supported the idea of democratic design, accessible to everyone. Eventually, having reached an age where she found it hard to read the newspaper – or any regular-sized print for that matter – Christina came to realise that Danish functionalist design left something to be desired when it came to stylish and affordable reading glasses. She made it her purpose to see to it – and Have A Look saw the light of day.

Today, Have A Look’s playful collections are available for global purchase in our e-shop, and with conveniently located retailers in 20 countries – counting selected stores carrying interior design and fashion accessories, museum shops, and beautiful bookstores.

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